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My name is Nicolai Kjaer, and I am the owner and Principal Developer of Spinner Software B.V. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe).

I was born in 1973, and have worked profesionally in software and product development since 1990. I speak fluent Danish and English, and some Dutch. I work freelance, mostly in software development or with application packaging/virtualization.

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I started with computers and software development at age 10. I was hired by Link Data Security (Denmark) at age 16, and worked there for 7 years in software research and development. In july 1997 I moved to The Netherlands and and launched my freelance career by starting Spinner Software.

I'm not your average kind of software developer. Where most software developers are very good in specific technical areas, I have a broad experience in developing applications for small and large businesses. My interests are in new technologies, research & development and product management.

I have tried projects ranging from highly technical solutions to simple windows applications, but always with the firm belief that the customer is right, and never forgets that the end-users are the ones to use the software. I never develop a solution simply because it was the best technical solution, but always chooses the user's point of view.

I'm a real team player. I'm very good at learning new technology, and does not stop thinking about a problem simply because the clock turns 5.

I have a unique perspective on new technology, and the ability to quickly adjust to a given situation. I'm easy to interact with, and have the ability to explain technical issues to non-technical people.