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About Spinner Software

Spinner Software was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on July 4th 1997 by Nicolai Kjaer, and became the privately held stock company Spinner Software B.V. on June 23rd 2000. Nicolai remains the sole owner and principal developer.

Since 1997, Nicolai has created software solutions for worldwide customers such as Motorola, Siemens, AtoS, Lotus, Brodersen, Emery WorldWide, Link Data Security, Tridion, PGGM, and of course Spinner Software.

Privacy statement

Our products do not include any kind of spyware, malware, or ads. If you have downloaded our software from a third party that included any other kind of software in the package, please download the original installers from our websites and notify us of the offending URL.

All information provided to us is for internal use only. We do not sell, redistribute or otherwise compromise information on our end-users.